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Naked Odyssey 2023

Inspired by participation in nude outdoor photo shoots for Spencer Tunick, Matt Granger and Natansky – some pre-organised, others guerilla-style – I resolved that, from 2016, impromptu naked photography would be a part of all my world travels…

South Africa in January and February

In a global energy price crisis, Esther and I opted to pay for flights to the southern hemisphere rather than sky-high gas bills. Based in the Camps Bay area of Cape Town, South Africa, we spent our three weeks working – me connected to the UK, Esther writing a new script – and resting and, of course, playing.

Sandy Bay, north end – location map.

Sandy Bay, south end – location map.

Above Llandudnolocation map.

Overlooking Camps Bay – location map.

At Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardenlocation map.

On Fish Hoek beach – location map.

the odyssey will continue…
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