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Body casting with Big Soda, part 2

9 Feb 2013

It’s two months since my first experience of body casting courtesy of Big Soda in their Peckham workshop. As I eagerly await a private view of the exhibition featuring my casted figure, my warm memories of that December day have been revived by the arrival of photos taken during the creation process.

To recap: the process required me to be tightly wrapped in cling film, then zipped into a one-piece body sock, smeared all over with Vaseline and conditioner, and finally to have plaster applied to my body in four phases: back torso; arms; front torso; legs. Here are a few pictures:

Shrink-wrapped, looking alarmingly like a butcher’s bag of chicken feet.

The first stance, propped on a broom handle with arms precisely placed.

Patiently waiting to set, appreciating that little red heater in the foreground.

After lunch, feet correctly re-positioned ahead of leg casting.

Legs wholly encased, fully immobilised – these boots are not made for walking.

A little refinement around the feet completes the piece.

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