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Wanstead House, London, 10 April 2013

13 Apr 2013

On Wednesday evening I returned to Wanstead House to model for Patrick’s midweek group. It was a two-hour session, seven artists attending, with Patrick providing words of guidance from time to time. The programme of poses was: five minutes standing; 10 minutes standing; 15 minutes standing; 30 minutes seated; then a break, followed by 45 minutes reclining. All together a good mix.

I enjoy working for groups that have an element of tuition or some supportive chatter between artists. Primarily because it helps to speed the passage of time, providing a distraction from any physical discomfort that might set in, and rendering unnecessary any contrived mental exercises.

It’s also quite fascinating. I can put myself out of body, imagining how my pose might appear from the direction of each conversation and which lines or spaces might serve as the artists’ primary reference points.

Occasionally there is an unintended comic element. During one pose an artist said, “his head is too bulbous…” During the next another said, “his head is too narrow…”
I hoped they were referring to their compositions rather than some bizarre real-life cranial fluctuation I might have been experiencing.

The group as a whole had a pleasant vibe making it an enjoyable session in which to pose. A few works from the evening are copied below.

Five minute standing pose and 10 minute standing pose

15 minute standing pose and 30 minute seated pose

30-45 minute reclining pose

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