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Wanstead House, London, 22 May 2013

2 Jun 2013

Another poor spring heralds an ominously late summer. On a Wednesday evening in Wanstead, however, it was warm enough to life model with the windows thrown open at the top floor of Wanstead House. First fresh air whilst modelling this year.

I had been drafted in to cover for a late cancellation. The requirement was for a ten minute pose standing; a twenty minute pose standing; a half-hour pose seated; a break for half an hour; and finally a half-hour pose reclining.


I took the opportunity to try of couple of new poses. Some went well, others will need refinement. The seated pose, for example – leaning forwards with my weight crushing down to one foot – resulted in that foot losing its feeling after just five minutes.


I stuck with it, of course, making subtle adjustments to minimise muscle fibrillation. It was fortunate the group disappeared for their break immediately after the pose ended as I was unable to stand for the next five minutes. So, that one needs refining!


By contrast after the break I curled into a foetal position and lost all track of time as I lay suspended between sleep and wakefulness. Those who’ve not tried life modelling may be surprised at the extent to which this apparently static occupation can be a physical rollercoaster. Of course, that’s part of what makes it so interesting.

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  1. Beautiful drawings

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