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Eastbourne House, London, 30 January 2014

10 Feb 2014

After a six-week break for Christmas and new year, life modelling resumed for me in 2014 back at Eastbourne House in Bethnal Green, working for Adrian and Anya.


I’d modelled there several times previously on a Monday but this was my first work for a Thursday class. As an added twist Anya emailed me that afternoon to say they had booked another male life model to make it a duo session. Fine by me.


My co-model, Andrew, hadn’t worked for Adrian before but had no shortage of previous experience. His highly toned physique and worldly looks were a gift for the artists.


With me bringing skeletal definition and ranginess to the show, between us we could offer a variety of contrasting forms and poses.


For all bar the final pose I worked with a wooden pole, like a shortened broom handle. I rarely work with props but rather enjoyed this session so I may well try it more often.


For example, by grasping each end of the pole and supporting one end against my left hip, I was able to pose for 20 minutes with one arm raised above my head. This would be much more difficult without the prop, which was unobtrusive enough to be excluded by artists who only wanted the human form.


For the final session I posed laying on the floor with knotted legs, hands clasping my ankles. Overall, a nice way to end the evening and begin the modelling year.




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