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The Sun, London, 16 February 2015

21 Feb 2015

Head down, umbrella angled, hunched forward, trudging the dark rain-swept streets of Clapham… I would much rather be in the sun. But then The Sun was my destination. Monday was my first modelling session at the pub since September last year.


It had been a long time since I’d posed at The Sun but even longer since I last worked with Julia, the group’s co-organiser. During recent bookings I’ve enjoyed the company of Aless, her partner in The Moon & Nude, so it was lovely to catch up again.


I arrived early and found Julia preparing the first-floor rooms. She was keen that I take it easy whilst we chatted. After 30 seconds watching her drag heavy tables, however, my conscience could stand it no longer. More hands made lighter work.


A dozen artists braved the elements to join us. As we began, I found the pose timings reassuringly familiar. In the first hour and ten minutes we worked through nine poses:

  • 5 minutes standing, hands linked with one elbow behind my head
  • 4 minutes standing, bent forward with one arm bowing out
  • 3 minutes standing, one hand on face, one arm outstretched
  • 2 minutes standing, crouched with one arm reaching up
  • 1 minute kneeling, both arms reaching up to the ceiling
  • 5 minutes seated on the floor, one leg stretched, hand on foot
  • 10 minutes standing, both hands behind head
  • 15 minutes reclining, one foot up on a stool
  • 20 minutes seated on a stool, right arm cradling right knee

We took a break and then completed the session with a single 40-minute pose. Once more I was seated on the stool, this time with left ankle crossing my right leg, leaning forward with left arm resting on left knee. It was more comfortable than it sounds.


A little bonus after the event was finding that one of the artists, Harley, had tweeted a link to his blog with many outstanding drawings from the evening. Two of his drawings are reproduced below, with grateful thanks – it’s nice to find another life art blogger.


Before leaving The Sun I once more offered to help with the tables and chairs, but this time Julia was insistent that the responsibility was hers. I hope it won’t be too long till I can be of some use to this group again.

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