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Albemarle College, London, 28 March 2015

6 Apr 2015

This would be my final session modelling for the students at Albemarle College before their final portfolios had to be submitted. As such, the focus was wholly upon meeting the specific needs of individuals. Two students asked to submit portrait work, so what was planned as a life session instead became a portrait session for those two only.

This last-minute change of intention was of no concern. For me, the wants and needs of the artists at any group or class are paramount. I appreciate a basic level of human respect and consideration for my comfort, but ultimately I’m there to provide a service. I will always adapt for the benefit of those paying to create art.

We kicked-off with 20-minute warm-up drawings. The photos below were taken from a peculiar angle and don’t really do justice to their work. These images were strong.


Afterwards we switched to using colour. This took us to our break. The students were capturing my likeness, but also weaving in their own idiosyncratic stylings. I liked the blending of the skin tones in the preparation below.


For the second half of the session we were down to a lone student who was capturing just half of my face and replacing the other half with… well, I shall say no more out of respect for his concept and portfolio. He has a good eye and skill in his technique, so I hope the final work – which, alas, I’ll probably never see – does justice to his talent.

Best wishes, students of Albemarle, both for your portfolios and for positive futures.

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