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Garrett Centre, London, 8 April 2015

11 Apr 2015

My first time back at Bethnal Green’s Garrett Centre in 2015 was also my first time this year working solo for Adrian Dutton. In my last two bookings with him I’d been paired with another model, either as a dynamic duo or to share my experience. On Wednesday evening I had 30 artists all to myself.

It can be daunting, knowing there are so many lines of sight to be considered and so many angles from which artists would be hoping for, ideally, the best view, but at the very least a good deal of variety throughout.



The format of Adrian’s groups helps in this regard as he mixes short and long poses both before and after the half-time break. I began with a customary 10-minute standing pose while latecomers arrived, then quickfire: 45 seconds, 2 minutes, 30 seconds.



Taking us to the interval were poses of 5 and 10 minutes, followed by an open-ended seating pose that probably lasted 25 minutes or half an hour. When told “Thank you, Steve”, I made haste to the kettle for quick mug of tea.



Artists partook of their own refreshments at length and leisure, but I was back in pose after a quarter of an hour for those most keen to draw. After 20 minutes seated we got dynamic again: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 15 seconds(!), 3 minutes.



To see out the evening I posed 15 minutes lying down – albeit rather contorted – and 30 minutes standing with hands on hips. Artists and Adrian made their appreciation known at the end, which was appreciated from such a large established group with high standards and expectations.



As always, a lot of first-rate art was produced. Good session.

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