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Candid Arts, London, 11 May 2015

12 May 2015

It had been six months since my last and only time life modelling at Candid Arts in Islington. On that occasion it was for an all-day oil painting course, with instruction and demonstration by Edward Wills. This time around was for a more conventional two-hour drop-in life drawing group.

The group was facilitated by Luca Indraccolo. On the evidence of his website, the man is a fantastic artist. For this session, however, he simply welcomed and called pose times for me and those who’d come to draw. Of the latter, there were nine.


One thing I’d forgotten from my previous visit was the stealthy filth of the floor. I took off my shoes and socks, walked ten metres to the nice white sheet on which I pose, and instantly covered it with charcoal-black footprints. The floor does not look unduly dirty but the unshod foot will always find what the eye cannot.

There were to be eight poses: four of 5 minutes each then 10, 15 and 20 minutes up to a short break, and finally 40 minutes to a finish. There was no music or muttering while work was in progress, so only Luca’s time calls broke the silence.


Artists spared their kind words for the end of each half. One offered to buy me tea at half-time, while others were complimentary about the poses or how still I was during the final 40 minutes. The latter comment was particularly welcome as I’m never sure the extent to which my tiny muscle shifts to spread weight, balance tension or ease pain, might be visible. Barely at all, it would seem.

As this was my début for the group I hope the positive feedback bodes well for future bookings. If so, maybe I’ll bring my darker sheet next time…


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