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Garrett Centre, London, 12 June 2015

14 Jun 2015

I could get you a stool to sit on,” said Tom, the facilitator for Adrian Dutton‘s Friday group, “but then we’ve had a lot of models sitting on stools lately.” As this was to be a long-pose session the choice of position was more significant than usual.

How about reclining?” he asked.

How about a standing pose?” I asked back.

There was no hesitation in accepting my offer. It meant I was priming myself for some otherwise avoidable pain and discomfort but it had been 16 days since I last modelled so I reckoned I might as well go for broke with this one.

We warmed up with short poses: 5 minutes standing with a twist; 5 minutes kneeling with a twist; 5 minutes folded forward with one arm extended; 7 minutes sitting on the floor with arms around one knee.

At 7:25pm I settled into my long standing pose. My feet were together at right angles so the right knee bent out a little; my left hand rested upon my left hip; my right hand held the top of a mop handle; my chin was raised. Thus I stood till our break at 8pm.


After tea and garlic bread I resumed the pose at twenty past eight. Before the interval my left hand has gone utterly numb and slightly off colour. I knew it was certain to do so again, up to our finish at nine-thirty. Tom gave me stretch breaks after 20 minutes and 40 minutes so I could at least shake a little life back into it.

Generous applause rewarded my discomfort at the end of the evening. That and some very nice art.


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