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Candid Arts, London, 23 June 2015

1 Jul 2015

Between two disappointments came great satisfaction. Wednesday’s modelling had been cancelled as the organiser forgot they’d booked me and arranged for somebody else to pose instead. On Monday I’d already travelled an hour and a half when I got a call minutes from the venue, to say all but one artist had dropped out and the session was abandoned. Tough luck in both cases, sweetened with deep sincere apologies.


Tuesday at Candid Arts, however, went ahead and was very gratifying. The 14 artists who turned up were thoughtful about their work and appreciative of the poses. So was our group facilitator, Rowan James, with whom I had not previously had the pleasure of working.


I started with a 10-minute standing pose, then cycled through five 2-minute dynamic poses, before going 5 minutes standing, 10 minutes sitting and 20 minutes standing, up to a break. It was a warm night made even hotter by the studio’s ceiling-mounted heaters, but I was comfortable.


We resumed with a single 45-minute seated pose – a signature pose in which limbs were entwined and locked. I felt I needed a good session this evening, and I got my wish. It was doubly rewarding that the artists felt so positive about their work too.

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