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Body painting interlude, no.3

25 Jul 2015

When a month’s worth of rain falls in just one day, it’s bound to have an influence on artistic inspiration. I was sitting opposite Amanda of Feel Good Painting, drinking tea and mulling ideas for our latest relaxed evening of body art. Behind us, a heavy downpour was blurring the windowpane.

“It’s got to be something underwater,” said Amanda.

© Feel Good Painted

Once a theme had been chosen, the composition elements came quickly. Over the course of about three hours, my torso was adorned first with an octopus, then some seaweed, a couple of seahorses, and a clown fish hiding in coral – or was it a sea anemone? Finally a deep blue sea enveloped them all. We took photographs.

Outside it was still raining, although the next deluge of significance was my shower back at home. Its water pressure alone was enough to remove all the paints except the richest blue hue of the sea, and one of the greens used for the seaweed. These two needed persistent scrubbing three or four times over to remove the last traces.

The ultimate fate of all body art is to be lost in time… like tears in rain. Sometimes, however, even an ephemeral nature can be surprisingly stubborn.


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  1. Love this! Very poetic and beautifully written. ‘Twas another fun night with my favourite male model. Mr Witty himself always has me in stitches.

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