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Candid Arts, London, 17 August 2015

23 Aug 2015

I was in euphoric mood as I walked down Pentonville Road on my way to Candid Arts Trust. The centrepiece of my afternoon had been a successful nude photo shoot along with eight other models and photographer Matt Granger in busy Soho Square. Next up was my first evening of life modelling in three weeks.


Where does the time go? At St Pancras station I’d just bid farewell to my good friend and fellow model, Louise. We hadn’t seen each other since sharing poses and paints at April’s 50 Shades of Pathology with Art Macabre. Since then, through founding the Secret Drawing Club in Hythe with artist husband Nick, her own work had gone from strength to strength, whereas my life modelling had tailed off somewhat.

I needed to get back on track, and Candid Arts was just the right place. Pure drawing.


I started with four dynamic standing poses, each lasting 5 minutes. Artists surrounded me in a close circle, capturing my likeness in silent concentration. About half stood at easels, while the rest were seated. My next poses for them were 10 minutes kneeling, 15 minutes standing again, and 20 minutes seated on a high stool.


After a short break I saw out the evening with 40 minutes seated on the floor. This was the only pose that brought me some discomfort as I had hinged the wrist a little too far on my supporting left arm. There was no lasting harm done though, and I was pleased to see some excellent work inspired by the pose.


Whilst my life model bookings may have thinned over the summer months I’ve at least been able to diversify by participating in other arts projects. Life modelling remains my primary love, however, and I yearn to recapture the time when I was constantly getting two, three or four bookings every week. Until then, I shall savour days like this.

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