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Garrett Centre, London, 3 February 2016

7 Feb 2016

My February booking for Adrian Dutton – just like January’s – came with a co-model. Eleanor, like Carlos at Eastbourne House, had previous life modelling experience but is now re-establishing herself after taking time out. She arrived at the Garrett Centre a couple of minutes before our 7pm start, so with little ado we entered the pose space.



We had another impressive assemblage of artists surrounding us. I stopped counting at 30, after which a few more arrived. While modelling, we worked at opposite ends of the central mats, swapping sides from time to time for variety. We started with poses of 10-minutes, then 2-minutes, 1-minute, 30-seconds, 5-minutes, 10 and 15-minutes.




The last pose before the interval was called as 25-minutes but Adrian had pre-warned us to expect it would overrun. He was as good as his word – by the time he emerged from the kitchen with a sparkler-decorated birthday cake for one of the artists, we had been in position for close on three-quarters of an hour.





After our break there was just time for a 10-minutes pose, which lasted a quarter of an hour, and a final 15-minute pose. There was a nice atmosphere about the room but my body didn’t quite feel on top form. That was a pity because when I arrived an artist had said, “You’re the model! Oh good!” I hope I delivered enough to meet the anticipation.


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