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Mall Galleries, London, 8 February 2016

16 Feb 2016

Change, darling!

These words called out by Esther at Mall Galleries were music to my ears. We were posing separately in the same space for Hesketh Hubbard Art Society – Esther was presenting eight 15-minute poses, while my shifts were four of 30-minutes – and I was being troubled by searing cramp.


I had never previously experienced cramp during a pose, yet it afflicted me 25-minutes into my third half-hour here, following a break for tea and biscuits. It should have been the easiest as I lay across cushions in extreme comfort with one crooked knee raised up, but fierce pain shot violently into the calf of that leg, and my whole body tensed.


Mind-over-matter helped me soothe away the agony without moving my position, but it soon returned a second time. I’d just rid myself of it again when Esther’s call freed me from further difficulty. Time calls are quite soft here so, as she was working nearest to the caller, she kindly passed on the good news.


My opening pose had been standing, my second was seated, the third was reclining, and I closed out once more in a sitting position. After modelling at the Mall Galleries in duo poses with Esther last year, this was my first time solo here. I think it went pretty well, but I’m looking forward more to our March booking – another duo session.

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