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Wanstead House, London, 21 February 2016

21 Feb 2016

Just four poses for me today: 15-minutes, 15-minutes and 30-minutes up to a break, then 35-minutes to the end of the session. As with my previous Sunday morning booking at Wanstead House, Esther came along to draw me – always very much appreciated – taking the total number of artists present to nine. It was a good crowd for this space.




On the mistaken assumption that the first pose would be five or ten minutes long, I’d resolved to attempt my own version of Esther’s trademark poses on one leg. It was a cheat, however, because the artists sit in a semi-circle and I could lean back onto a wall, whereas Esther can balance unsupported in the middle of a room. I was grateful to be propped up when I found it would be for quarter of an hour.




After that opening pose I decided to keep it simple. The next 15-minutes was spent in a semi-reclining position with my upper body raised and resting upon my left forearm. Our group organiser, Patrick, then suggested that I be seated upon a draped chair for the half-hour pose. I decided to ride side-saddle as it would vary the directions that I’d faced each time.


The final pose length is determined by the amount of time spent chatting and drinking tea during the interval. It’s a friendly group, so on this occasion only 35-minutes was left for art. I whiled it away in a signature pose, seated upright on the floor with one of my knees raised and supported in the crook of an elbow. Straightforward work for very nice people. I’ll be back here for a Wednesday evening next month.

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