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Eastbourne House, London, 11 April 2016

14 Apr 2016

If I’m honest, when I got on the train headed for east London, I really wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it was a Monday thing… but then again, I seem to have had bookings every Monday for weeks now. Patchy sleep recently, perhaps, or an uninspiring morning and afternoon in the day job, possibly. Whatever the reason, halfway to the venue I decided I would work this one till every pose hurt, just to bring my focus back.



The easy part was feeling engaged with the group; I was back at Eastbourne House working for Adrian Dutton. It’s well established, and Adrian himself is so charming, accommodating and professional, that one would imagine all models here must feel invigorated to give the best they can. I was asked if I would like to work with a prop this time so, feeling in the mood, I opted for a martial arts stick.







I kicked off with 10-minutes standing, leaning onto the stick, then went with four more standing poses, quickfire 2-minutes, 1-minute, 3-minutes and 5-minutes. For the next quarter of an hour I descended to a kind of kneeling squat with arced arms, balancing on fingers and toes. If I had indeed meant to find hurt, then this was the pose where I achieved my goal, but it was OK.





Either side of our half-time tea break I was back posing with the stick: for 20-minutes before the interval, I was seated with it across the back of neck; for 10-minutes upon resuming, I stood with it across my shoulders. Both poses had their little discomforts but nothing painful – a slightly numb left arm was the only casualty by the end of the standing pose.



After brief poses of 2-minutes and 1-minute, we went with 15-minutes and 20-minutes to a finish. I lay on the floor for the first of these, twisted with one knee and one elbow raised, and then finished as I’d begun: standing, but by now content to keep it simple with one hand on hip and the other on neck. I’d posed myself back to life, and walked home achier but happier for it.

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