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Civil Service Club, London, 18 April 2016

18 Apr 2016

Perhaps you might indulge me to try something a little less strenuous?” My humble plea elicited chuckling and murmurs of consent all round. Upon request I’d spent the previous half-hour sitting side-saddle on a chair with my back to a horseshoe of eight artists; my face rested upon my folded arms on the chair’s back, while my body was partially twisted to face those drawing me.




For the following final 25-minutes of the evening I sat on the floor with one leg hooked beneath the other and my arms resting on a low ledge behind me. The pose took me to the end of my first booking at the Civil Service Club (no civil servants among the artists, mind you). Despite the occasional over-exertion, I had thoroughly enjoyed life modelling in its warm environment for an engaging group.




I’d begun with five 2-minute poses, continued with two 10-minute poses, and finished the first half of the session with three 15-minute poses. A fourth 15-minute pose after the interval preceded the two long closing poses, described above. Thirteen poses in three hours had allowed for plenty of variety, and resulted in some good quality art. I look forward to a second visit in mid-July.

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