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83a Geffrye Street, London, 10 May 2016

22 May 2016

83a Geffyre Street, in Hoxton, north London, is the latest venue for the life drawing groups of Adrian Dutton. It would be the fifth space in which I’d modelled for him, others being: Eastbourne House and the Garrett Centre in Bethnal Green; the Rose Lipman Building in Islington; and Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell. Eccentric numbering of buildings and railway arches on either side of Geffrye Street made this one a little tricky to find at first.


Once inside, I ascended to the first floor and found a pleasant, airy room with lots of natural light. It seemed smaller than Adrian’s other spaces, but every one of its four walls was lined with chairs. By the time we reached the end of the first pose, every chair was taken. It is a tribute to Adrian that he is able to attract such relative high numbers of artists – perhaps 30 or 40 here – to a group only recently established. Amidst all the newness, the structure of the evening was familiar.


I began with a 10-minute standing pose that allowed time for latecomers to arrive and settle down. Then came the short work: 3-minutes, 2, 1, 5-minutes. The next poses were supposed to be 15 and 20-minutes but the first one overran to 20-minutes, so a 15-minute pose took us to an interval. As ever, Adrian provided hot food and a wide selection of teas and biscuits. After the break, poses were 10-minutes, 2, 1, another 15-minute pose that ran to 20, and finally 20-minutes reclining.







I felt comfortable throughout. The night was warm, the floor well padded, there were familiar faces among the artists but the majority were new to me and quite young in comparison with many groups. Adrian offered some tips to newcomers, whilst most were quietly meditative. The only disturbance came from a chap outside who stood beneath our open window and embarked on a long, largely incoherent phone call. It afforded a snigger or two, but our atmosphere was unspoiled. Another good session.

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  1. Phenomenal sketches. Something I always look forward to seeing what comes out of my artist group. Fabien

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