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The Finborough Arms, London, 24 September 2016

1 Oct 2016

Ideally for a nicely balanced life drawing group, the organisers and models should not outnumber the artists 4:1. That’s how it looked fleetingly when Esther and I arrived at The Finborough Arms for an afternoon of duo modelling. We were welcomed warmly by Aless and Mandy, who run the group, and said ‘hi’ to the then-lone artist seated in one corner. Happily, more joined us.


While many groups hold sessions every week, this one is monthly and perhaps loses a little momentum between times. If so that’s a shame because the basement setting is excellent: a small spotlit stage for models, candles on tables, atmospheric crimson décor, plus cheese and wine for the peckish. There’s always an intriguing playlist too, heavy on 60s and 70s counterculture this time around.



We provided five poses that began with 10-minutes standing, followed by 20-minutes of Esther seated on a bench with me by her feet, my hands upon her; to end the first half, I sat upon the bench with my arms wrapped around Esther as she stood in front of me for 20-minutes. After a break we both straddled the bench for half an hour, and finally Esther stood while I looked up to her for the closing 20-minutes.


It was a gentle, comfortable afternoon. Esther and I continue refining our duo poses to keep them interesting, tastefully intimate and sustainable without pains, numbness or imbalance. The Moon and Nude team, who organise the session, remain a pleasure to work for. Any artist who missed drawing us this time around can catch us when we return on the last Saturday in October, from 3pm. See you there!

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