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Morley College, London, 26 January 2017

29 Jan 2017

Evening life painting – session 3 of 3

I placed my folded white sheet on the floor precisely how it had been last week and the week before. Masking tape marked where my feet should go, although by now my own black footprints gave me all the direction I needed. Someone really ought to wipe the studio floor at Morley College. There were to be no short warm-ups so, at ten past six, when the artists settled, I took off my robe and resumed my long pose.

Full figure started midway through this evening

Portrait developed over two weeks

Full figure started midway through this evening

I stood until a quarter past seven, with brief stretch breaks every 20-minutes. After a long coffee break in Morley’s cafeteria, we continued for a further hour in three parts. At five to nine my work was done. The last 20-minutes when I ought to have been at my most achy, were actually quite euphoric. It had been a strenuous pose felt most keenly on neck and lower back, so I was heartily satisfied to have finished the job.

Full figure developed over two weeks

Full figure and art room, including self-portrait, started this evening

Full figure started this evening

Artists had come and gone but nine were with me and tutor Gillian at the end. Their progress had been interesting to follow. Some started a new study each week, some moved to fresh vantage points, some began with preparatory drawings, some worked their paintings over two weeks. None took a single work through all three weeks, but that didn’t matter. With varying degrees of personal satisfaction, all had done well.

Full figure started midway through this evening

Full figure started this evening after first stretch break

Full figure started this evening after first stretch break

Preparatory sketch
Preparatory sketch, unfavoured hand


As for me… all that remained now was to go home and at last wash my sheet.

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