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The Dellow Centre, London, 19 March 2017

24 Mar 2017

After two hours of Sunday morning life modelling at Wanstead House, I took the tube to Aldgate East and passed another two hours with coffee at Costa before starting my next session at The Dellow Centre. I was still a little bit achy from the previous work but had saved enough energy not to feel overly exerted. I arrived early, undressed, and opened with a 5-minute standing pose at 2:30pm sharp.

10-minutes of halfway-kneeling came next, followed by a somewhat strenuous upright lunge with palms on my temples for 15-minutes. After this, for 10-minutes I sat on the floor, before reprising my last pose at Wanstead for 20-minutes ā€“ horizontal with head and numbed-arms at a higher level ā€“ to end the first half. As sensation returned to my upper limbs, I gratefully accepted a mug of tea that was proffered during the interval.

A curiosity of The Dellow Centre is its popularity among cats, which simply wander in the art room and pace around us – exploring every corner whilst occasionally mewing for milk. I thought one might join me in pose when I lay down. Come the second half I used more conventional props: standing with both hands supported by a wooden pole for 20-minutes, then sitting straight-backed on a stool for 40-minutes.

Thus ended a busy weekend. My last energy was utterly spent, but it had been good.

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  1. Amazing, sounds exciting! Now you have deserved a good rest. šŸ™‚

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