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Garrett Centre, London, 9 June 2017

16 Jun 2017

Esther was originally given this booking, whereas I was due to be at Garrett Centre on Wednesday the week before. A change of circumstances, however, made it a tad problematic for Esther, so I suggested a swap. The organiser of both groups, Adrian Dutton, was agreeable to the idea, and so it came to pass that I returned for another Friday evening’s long-pose session.

Long poses are never much of a joy, but the shorter warm-up poses here can be fun. Working in the round for about two dozen artists, I was asked to provide three poses of 5-minutes and one of 8-minutes. I stood dramatically then semi-reclined, stood up elegantly and sat openly. For the long pose I opted to stand with my left hand on my belly and my right hand on the back of my neck.

I guess I was on my feet from around 7:25pm to 8pm, and then after an interval, from 8:25pm to 9:30pm. I took two stretch breaks during that latter hour. The first of these was especially needed as my raised elbow had inexplicably become a heavy, painful burden. After restoring normal sensation, I was fine through to the close. Such is the occasional unpredictability of the body. Life modelling continues to reveal new truths.

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