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83a Geffrye Street, London, 13 June 2017

19 Jun 2017

It was a perfect evening for life drawing. Warm enough for the window upstairs at 83a Geffrye Street, Hoxton to be opened wide for fresh air, yet mellow enough for nature’s temperature control to find its ideal level without irksome draughts. This pleasantness might have tempted some to follow outdoor pursuits, but about two-thirds of the seats were taken by the end of my opening 10-minutes in a standing posture.

After this first pose, I stood for 3-minutes and 2-minutes, knelt for two 1-minute poses and a 5-minute pose then was back on two feet for a further 5-minute pose. It felt nice to be working here in the round for a laid-back crowd of young artists; not overdoing it, but keeping the shapes interesting and diverse. I closed the first half with a 15-minute semi-reclining pose, followed by 15-minutes seated on the floor.

During the interval I removed my white sheet from the central space so a trestle table could be brought forth and spread lavishly with assorted breads and dips. Once these had been consumed, we completed the session with two 30-minute poses. First I sat upon a stool in a manner that utterly numbed my left leg and, having done so, had no choice but to finish in a full recline. Another great London Life Drawing evening.

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