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Soho Life Drawing, London, 4 September 2017

4 Sep 2017

My first time modelling for Soho Life Drawing was an unusual début with an unusual group. Each Monday they host not one but three sessions: 5:50pm to 6:45pm, 7pm to 8pm and 8:15pm to 9pm. Artists can choose to attend one, two or all. I’d been booked to pose for the first session of an evening that would be led by Jen – a colleague of the group’s regular organiser, Ann. I arrived at the Westminster Quaker Meeting House venue in plenty of time, Jen had everything well organised… we just needed artists.

One artist was already present with Jen when I entered the Fry Room and introduced myself; chairs for between 20 and 30 more were arranged in a wide horseshoe shape. We passed the time chatting amiably, but as 5:50pm drew nearer I started to wonder whether we might remain a threesome for the whole session. With just a few minutes left, two more artists joined us and spread out about the room. Small but fully formed, we began: three 30-second poses, two of 2-minutes and two of five-minutes.

As ever, it matters not whether there are three artists or three hundred; one must put in a good shift of work. Poses of 15-minutes and a shade over 20-minutes brought us to the finish. The last pose became a bit achy, with one arm raised and legs crossed in a narrow diagonal, but it was fine. At the end I received a noisier round of applause than I’ve sometimes had from a full-house. I hope one day I’ll have a chance to come back and pose for a higher turn-out here, as I imagine it could be buzzing.

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