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Telegraph Hill Centre, London, 7 September 2017

12 Sep 2017

Farewell then, August. Always a lean month for life model bookings as schools break for the summer and many other groups take time out for vacations. One looks forward to the resumption of normal activity in September but this cannot be taken for granted. Life Drawing at Telegraph Hill, for example, had hoped to get five people signed-up in advance to ensure viability for the next ten sessions. Tough times, but the sessions are going ahead – and Esther and I were honoured to be booked for the first.

It was lovely to be reunited with the group’s organiser, Frances and to greet the artists as they returned. We were to create five poses for them this evening, the first of which would be 5-minutes. We both stood – “so many legs” as one artist observed with time running out. Next, for 10-minutes Esther stood while I sat embracing her legs; then for 15-minutes we lay on our sides with our heads beside each other’s legs. For the latter I’d unwisely propped myself on one elbow. Achy!

We ended the first half with a 20-minute pose, in which Esther was sitting on the floor and I was curled round behind, reaching up. At the interval, we took tea and fashioned a mountain of beanbags to support our last pose. We also switched on a small heater as the early autumnal temperatures dipped. We completed our work with a 40-minute pose nestled together in a seated embrace. Hopefully the community of Telegraph Hill will likewise embrace its life drawing and keep this great little group buoyant.

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