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The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, 8 November 2017

16 Nov 2017

Bring props!” was the farewell suggestion when Esther and I left The Prince Regent at the end of a fine duo session last month. We’d been blessed with two bookings for SketchPad Drawing this term, and organiser Lisa was thinking ahead to the second. I’m not flush with props myself, so my preparation was to arrive first and buy the wine. Esther, on the other hand, rocked up with rope, bridal veil, bow and arrow, shimmering wings, sparkling dress and some kick-ass heels.

We had a greater turn-out of artists this evening so, alas, unlike last month we weren’t able to pose together for the whole session. Instead, we began in separate rooms; me bare with the rope and Esther in brilliant clothes that reduced to just wings and socks. We opened with a 10-minute standing pose then followed it with three 3-minute poses and three 5-minute poses. For 25-minutes up to the break, I was asked to reprise one of my shorter poses – laying down with feet resting on a level above me.

Whilst we were posing, Lisa had clearly been making assessments. She decided that for the second half it must be possible to bring all the artists together in a single room after all. Esther and I would embrace across a pair of tables in one long pose – Esther in bridal veil and heels, and both of us with half-full wine glasses to hand. After slightly too long luxuriating into position, we were set fair for the duration. Only one movement subsequently proved essential: Esther sneaking a swift sip of Rioja.

It was a lovely evening with a great group, as is always the case here. It got a bit brisk at times, but we had props and each other for warmth. Only the bow and arrow did not get used – I’d last seen them in action for Esther’s performance of Girl in Suitcase at the Telegraph Hill Festival 2015, and we’d used the veil and rope together for Girl in Suitcase at Telegraph Hill Festival 2016. Happy memories… and each new session brings more.

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