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Fairkytes Arts Centre, London, 12 December 2017

15 Dec 2017

Suppose life drawing was not an intense process of scrutiny, measurement, empathy and application. It might just be a relaxing pastime to share with friends whilst having a natter. Many groups – both formal and informal – conduct their practice without any sound, or are perhaps silent save for musical accompaniment. A minority, meanwhile, have developed into easy-going arty social clubs. Whilst duo-posing at Fairkytes Art Centre for LeNu Life Drawing on Tuesday, Esther and I had a taste of the latter, as a third of the group were merrily bantering throughout.

Is constant chatter in the room disrespectful? I don’t feel there’s a definitive answer as it’s for each person to assess the likely impact of their conduct on those around them. Personally I’m quite content with conversation as it can be a welcome distraction from any physical discomfort. More likely, it could disturb the concentration of other artists, yet equally they might appreciate a friendly environment, even if not actively joining in. Topics for discussion during this session ranged from hiring tango dancers at funerals, to #MeToo family revelations…

In the midst of it all we life modelled while our friend, Natansky and her sister, Estelle, called the times. We stood for 5-minutes and 10-minutes, then sat next to each other on chairs for 15-minutes. Closing the first half, Esther stood and I cuddled her hips for 13-minutes, up to the interval. After tea, coffees and snacks we sat in an embrace on the floor for 20-minutes, and finally Esther stood leaning both upon and across me for the last (sometimes achy) 25-minutes. We enjoyed our time here, and hope everyone else felt the same way. I do like a group with character!

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