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Eastbourne House, London, 14 December 2017

18 Dec 2017

I’ve modelled regularly for Adrian Dutton’s groups at Eastbourne House in Bethnal Green over many years, yet circumstances contrived that a full 364 days had passed since my last visit – I’d had to decline bookings for January, April and September due to prior commitments. Now at long last I was back but it had been so long that I found myself feeling an unexpected twinge of nerves.

Butterflies speedily departed as I entered the familiar surroundings of this ever-popular venue. The high ceiling, the square of seats that would accommodate about 30 artists this evening, the stage with more seats plus an area for me to undress, and of course the central space with mats, cushions and a spotlight, all as I remembered it. Equally familiar was our opening routine: 10-minutes standing, followed by quick poses.

After three 2-minute poses, we completed the first half with two of 5-minutes and two of 15-minutes. Thursdays are cheese and wine nights so, with measured haste, I put on my dressing gown and glided to where a table in the foyer was groaning under the weight of tasty fare. After I’d charged my plate and cup, I returned to the main hall for a meander around unattended artworks before huddling down to eat beside a heater.

I rather fancied starting the second half squatting upon the top of an upended wooden block for 10-minutes… so it was agreed that I could resume in this way and then see off the session with poses of 20-minutes and 30-minutes. Duly I stood and sat askew upon a stool. At the end, drawings were set out across the floor, and there was much to be admired. I hope I’m able to come back sooner next year.

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