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cave, London, 8 March 2018

11 Mar 2018

A return to posing at cave in Pimlico was just the tonic I needed. It had been a busy day, with patchy slumber the night before, so to re-immerse in the life drawing scene among this welcoming community was genuinely uplifting. We started a few minutes late as a couple of regulars had messaged organiser Karen to say they were on their way. No problem, and it suited my train times to add a few minutes extra at the end.

Five poses of 1-minute got us warmed-up. Amongst the plethora of pre-loved items in the cave sales room was a tailor’s dummy hanging upside down from the ceiling – for the next 5-minute pose I balanced on one leg and held its outreached hand. Perhaps redolent of The Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling? Not quite, but a fun connection. Another 5-minute pose, then two of 10-minutes took us to our break.

Two poses of 25-minutes brought the evening to its conclusion. A Simple Minds CD, played during the first half, had been swapped for unspecified material. I recognised it as Jean-Michel Jarre but to the artists it was Space Invaders so between poses we switched to Moloko. All very nice… as were the kind words and compliments offered at the end of the session. This is a cave with a warm heart.

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