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The Old Nun’s Head, London, 27 March 2018

9 Apr 2018

Increasingly I find that if time allows, I prefer a leisurely journey to my bookings and to arrive anything up to half an hour early. This evening I did just that – got myself a large glass of wine at The Old Nun’s Head bar and relaxed a while before heading upstairs to be greeted by the lovely people of Nunhead Drawing Group. Short poses first.

I’ve felt relaxed with this group from my very first time here. Like me, they favour quick poses but as this was the final session before Easter they decided to try some longer ones. After opening with five poses of 1-minute and one of 10-minutes, we finished the first half with two of 20-minutes. For the first of these, I held aloft a small lamp…

Having spotted the lamp sitting above a fireplace, I’d set my sights on standing with it for what I assumed would be 10-minutes. By the time it turned out to be twenty, I was already mentally committed – fortunately it was relatively lightweight. I drank my wine and chatted with artists during the break, then settled down for one long pose to end.

© Nunhead Drawing Group

Whilst I remained comfortably static for the whole 40-minutes, a number of the artists chose to swap seats midway through so they could continue working fast. As always here, I appreciated their fine playlist – that Flaming Lips album during the second half was perfect. Indeed, everything was very good tonight, and the art a joy to behold.

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