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cave, London, 1 May 2018

6 May 2018

Life drawing at cave has moved from Thursday evenings to Tuesdays, and as a result my booking for the end of May became two: first at the beginning of May then another at the beginning of June. I arrived early, rang the outer bell, and peeped Chad-like over the gate. As always, I was greeted warmly by cave supremo, Karen and we bantered whilst waiting for artists to breeze in. When all had settled, I started with short poses.

Five 1-minutes poses, two 5-minute poses and two 10-minute poses occupied the first half. With my back to a wall I went through a semi-spontaneous repertoire of standing, kneeling, squatting and semi-reclining positions. At the interval, we all got mugs of tea and – pure bliss – mini scones with fresh clotted cream and jam. Such an unexpected treat… it’s the simple pleasures. Two 25-minute poses occupied the second half.

The only basic positions I hadn’t presented thus far were sitting and laying down. Duly I completed the set with these last two poses. A heater was whirring away next to me but cave is a truly warm-hearted space in its own right. Tonight’s throwback CDs were by Bob Marley and Hue and Cry – that latter had me guessing! Unlikely music is all part of the charm at Pimlico’s ‘artist-led retail space‘. Every visit is a pleasure.

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