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Life drawing @ Telegraph Hill, 6 June 2018

12 Jun 2018

Life drawing@Telegraph Hill has relocated from the Telegraph Hill Centre to the nearby home of its organiser, Frances. This was an inspired decision as Frances has a perfectly suitable room and by cutting her expenses she has been able to halve the cost for artists. Everybody wins, except the Centre, though it always seems busy.

Unfortunately due to circumstances wholly unrelated to life modelling, I wasn’t able to enjoy the session as much as I otherwise would have. Frances noticed that I was out of sorts from the moment I arrived but was both discreet and considerate. We started at 7:30pm with poses of 5-minutes, 5, 10, 15 and 20-minutes up to half-time.

I’m not aware that my mental distraction had a detrimental impact on the quality of my poses, but certainly my mind was elsewhere throughout. After our break for teas, chat and cat-stroking, we closed with a single long-pose of 40 minutes. I thought I would be original by laying with my legs up on a seat, but apparently that’s the norm here!

Thus, we concluded and I had to make a speedy exit. It’s a shame because everyone was so friendly and it had been a lovely warm day… although I accepted the offer of a heater about 20 minutes from the end. It had been good to experience the group in its new setting; I hope one day I’ll be better able to appreciate it even more.

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