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B & H Buildings, London, 25 June 2018

5 Jul 2018

After a hiatus of more than six months it was my great pleasure to be back last week modelling for one of Adrian Dutton’s London Life Drawing groups. Resumption took place at the Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, near Farringdon, on a warm spring evening. The sun was still burning bright as I descended to the buildings’ basement.

Probably on account of sultry conditions outside and simultaneous World Cup football being shown in countless local bars, we had just six artists drawing. Nonetheless, my commitment was the same as if there were six hundred. At 7pm, I started the session with a 10-minute standing pose.

Next came four identical poses of 2½ minutes, rotating 90° each time, and these were followed by another four identical poses in rotation, this time 5-minutes each. A single 15-minute standing pose completed the first half. Finally I reclined for two poses, each of 15-minutes, then took a seat for 26-minutes to the end. And still the night was hot!

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