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The Cat’s Back, London, 7 August 2018

20 Aug 2018

An end was nigh for the long, hot, arid weeks of summer, as under leaden skies I took a meandering walk from Wandsworth Town station to The Cat’s Back pub. Here in an upstairs games and cinema room, I would make my modelling debut for SW15 Social Life Drawing. I relied on memorised maps for direction, so I was relieved to locate it.

I treated myself to a large glass of the house red wine, then headed upstairs in search of Didi, the group organiser. Barely two steps had been ascended when I found myself unexpectedly face to face with Graham Wood – a regular artist at Mall Galleries. The briefest pose he’d hitherto seen me hold was half an hour. This was about to change!

Didi welcomed me to the space and explained her plan for pose times. The emphasis was very much on short work, which is always my preference. Artists stood at easels or took chairs in an L-shape around me – in front and to my right – and we began: five poses of 2-minutes, then 5, 7, 3 (continuous line), 10 and 15-minutes to the break.

During the interval, our artists disappeared to recharge their glasses whilst I continued sipping my large red and admiring some of the striking works they’d left behind. When we resumed, there was time for three more poses: 10, 20 and 15-minutes. Some time midway through these, the heavens opened outside. I contemplated my walk home…

Maybe it was the energetic weather, or maybe the half-time refreshments worked their magic, but it seemed all the drawings inspired by these last poses were strong. I was very happy, and even happier when Graham offered me a lift to the station. All in all, a pleasing first time modelling in Wandsworth. I hope I’ll be back at The Cat’s Back.

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