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The Prince Regent, Herne Hill, 10 October 2018

14 Oct 2018

This was to be one of those tantalising evenings at The Prince Regent when Esther and I are both booked to model but we must do so just out of sight from each other in adjacent rooms. Still, it was nice to be sharing a session, whatever the circumstance.

Part 1

I started the session two 10-minute poses, whereas Esther was first to put to work on 2-minute poses. As Lisa of SketchPad Drawing was timing us both it meant my 10s overran by a few minutes to allow time for Esther’s changes of pose, but it was fine.

A 20-minute pose (plus a couple of added minutes) brought the opening half to an end for me. Whilst I’d been naked, Esther had been dazzling in a few costume props. Lisa does love a dazzling prop or two. It’s not my forte, but Esther always finds something.

Part 2

After a break and room-swapping, Esther was to finish with one long pose whilst I was to provide two 20-minute poses. At least that was the idea. I had been in position for a little while when some late returners from bar requested that mine be a long pose too.

I was asked and agreed. It was a pose I had used in a couple of other recent sessions so I knew it could be extended. Nonetheless, those additional 20-minutes proved to be a tad more achy than I hoped. Ah well, I could have declined. I guess I must enjoy it…

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