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The Conservatoire, Blackheath, 4 February 2019

7 Feb 2019

I was asked to recline for the long pose on my last two visits to The Conservatoire in Blackheath, and before that I was seated, so I now felt a professional duty to stand. A plan was agreed in conversation with tutor Victoria Rance, but first I would begin with the usual short format: three 1-minutes poses, one of 5-minutes, one of 10-minutes.

Artwork by Anthony Roe.

Artwork by Anthony Roe.

The long pose we selected was one I had maintained for a mere 10-minutes only two weeks before with The Jolly Sketcher. On that occasion, I perched on the edge of a table with my back to a window. Here I would occupy a high seat on a platform that we pushed out of the round to allow artists to horseshoe about me.

Artwork by Gareth Williams.

This pose was due to last 2-hours, during which I took three breaks. As time wore on, my buttocks and the back of my neck became ever more achy, but never unbearable. Tellingly at each interval I could immediately walk out of position, whereas sometimes in more painful poses, it takes a few minutes for me even to be able to stand.

Artwork by Anthony Roe.

Artwork by Anthony Roe.

Artwork by Anthony Roe.

Some artists progressed a single drawing for the full two hours whilst others started a new work with every break. Whatever their approach, one couldn’t help but appreciate the conviction with which each focused on developing their unique style. Happily, they affirmed they’re still not bored of me, so I hope I’ll develop yet more with them too.

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