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The Dellow Centre, London, 9 February 2019

10 Feb 2019

For reasons unknown my body didn’t feel tip-top today, but I would still do my utmost to make interesting shapes. I missed my train, so arrived at The Dellow Centre with only five minutes to spare, yet still ahead of most artists. When the session started, I opened with a 15-20 minute seated pose that I would reprise for the day’s last pose.

Artists continued walking in, such that we had roughly 25 present when we moved on to the quick-fire poses: 3-minutes, 2, 1, 50-seconds, 40, 30, 20, 15, 10-seconds. With each change, I rotated slightly clockwise and shifted stance a tad to create a dynamic sequence for those wishing to overlay their drawings.

I ended the first half with 20-minutes upright, and 17-minutes on a stool. After a break for tea and biscuits, we finished with one pose of 15-20 minutes and another of 20-25 minutes. Timings had become a bit vague towards the end but I was comfortable and content not to worry. Life drawing Aldgate and Shoreditch went fine.

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