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The Workshop N4, London, 12 March 2019

18 Mar 2019

The Workshop N4 is located a mere three doors west from Harringay station. Alas, my journey was not actually via that track as I looped across from east London to the north, but it seemed convenient in principle. As always for a first time booking, I made sure I arrived comfortably early – a gesture appreciated by life drawing organiser, Lisa who the proceeded to show me around and tell me about the group.

Sessions are from 7:30pm to 9pm and (at present) accommodate a handful of artists. Lisa suggested I stand, then sit on the floor, sit on a chair and lastly sit stretched out along a bench – within that remit I had creative freedom. Poses would be 15-minutes, 20-minutes, 20-minutes, and 20-minutes respectively. We waited for all the expected regulars to arrive before commencing our first pose.

The gathering felt friendly and intimate; no pressure, just smiles. One artist was trying life drawing for the very first time (the honour was mine!) and proved to be a natural. A gentle playlist accompanied our efforts, while all around was colour – during daytimes this is a creative art space for children. It’s a little bit out of my way but truly I enjoyed the evening. Merrily I departed in pursuit of chips, hoping one day to return.

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