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83a Geffrye Street, London, 26 March 2019

24 Apr 2019

Once more to Hoxton on a Tuesday evening for life modelling at The Workshop, one of the Adrian Dutton life drawing venues. With the room about half full, I began with one 10-minute pose and it followed with three of 2-minutes and two of 5-minutes.

Two poses of 15-minutes led us to a break, whereupon Mark, the session’s organiser, brought out his customary array of breads and dips for artists to feast upon. Teas and biscuits were available for self-service in the adjoining small kitchen.

I’ve never really been a fan of dips, but I partook of some tasty fresh bread, Bourbons and a mug of builder’s brew. When it was time for drawing to resume, I stood for what would be the first of two 30-minute poses that completed the evening.

For the final pose I sat upon the floor, leaning forward and resting on one forearm; my only lapse into an achy position. When all was done, favoured drawings were laid out for general admiration. Thus ended another reliably well-run gathering.

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