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Workers’ playtime, London, 18 June 2019

29 Jun 2019

Having tailgated through the security entrance, I sat a while in the deserted reception area as my umbrella dripped gently in one corner. Fortunately I’d missed the heaviest downpour before having to walk north London’s streets to this corporate booking from City Academy. At 6pm, I was collected and led to a large cool windowless room that had been clinically prepared for life drawing.

This is a group that likes its short poses. I began with five 1-minute poses followed by five 2-minute poses then progressed to five 5-minute poses. With so many very quick poses it’s less of a physical challenge and more an exercise of imagination to present a variety of interesting shapes, both in succession and across the whole sequence. A single 10-minute pose completed my work for the first half.

After a break there was enough time left for two 20-minute poses. I sat restfully on the floor for the first of these, then took it in mind to be on one knee for the second. I soon realised that the latter decision had forfeited any likelihood of a comfortable end to the session – aside from the pressure on my kneecap, it meant balance depended on my muscles rather than gravity and bone-loading. But it was nicely drawn.

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