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Fairkytes Arts Centre, London, 2 July 2019

10 Jul 2019

My last three times life modelling at Fairkytes Arts Centre were all duo sessions with Esther. So long ago was it that I’d last posed here solo – 18 October 2016, in fact – I had to look-up the date. Time flies, but many of the regular artists at this group remain loyal. I started by giving them two 5-minute standing poses, then 10-minutes seated.

I’d been booked by my friend and fellow model, Natansky, but for this first half it was her sister, Estelle – the group’s co-organiser – who was running the show and calling the pose times. I followed with 15-minutes standing in what the artists christened my “Jesus pose”, and then ended the half with another 10-minutes sitting on the floor.

Natansky arrived at the interval, just in time to take on tea-making duties and lavishly distribute the biscuits. I harvested more than my fair share whilst chatting with artists. When all were ready to resume, the undisputed consensus was to finish with a brace of 20-minute poses. I configured myself into an awkward shape for the first of these.

Artwork by Natansky.

Feeling I’d earned the right to a more comfortable situation for the finale, I pulled up a high stool for cosy sit-down. Needless to say, I then raised, looped, and toe-balanced my limbs, which meant it wasn’t the last word in relaxation, but neither did it ache. My work done, I exchanged appreciations with the artists and left feeling quite upbeat.

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