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The Star by Hackney Downs, 9 July 2019

19 Jul 2019

Quite how trespassers on the London Overground in north-west Willesden can cause an evening’s worth of travel havoc as far east as Stratford is a mystery. Whilst waiting for a train to Hackney, I messaged Drawing the Star group organiser Catherine Hall to warn that I might be late. It was close, but arrived just in time for our 7:30pm start.

It was a warm and humid evening, so the air conditioning unit upstairs at The Star by Hackney Downs had been set to roaring cold. Such was its effectiveness that for the first two poses I needed a heater. We began with lots of warm-ups, however, so I was soon up to temperature: 5-minutes, 4, 3, 2, three of 1-minute, three of 30-seconds.

I was posing in the round with many familiar faces among the artists drawing me from all sides. This is still one of the friendliest groups in London, I believe. We finished the first half with two 10-minute poses, after which most scampered downstairs for drinks. Happily I was already set with a red wine that my late train hadn’t delayed me buying.

As usual for the restart we had a democratic vote on pose time preferences, with two of 15-minutes winning by a landslide. First I arranged myself onto a low stool with my limbs angled or extended, then completed the session by standing straight with arms bent, hands at the back of my neck and crooked elbows above my head.

Lovely group, superb drawings and I was even bought a shot of bourbon for my pains. Not that I was feeling pain at the time, or even posing in especially unusual ways, but for two or three days afterwards my back was very tender as if strained, and my shins felt a deep dull ache when walking. Note to self: even when time is tight, do stretches!

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  1. boykog permalink

    Lovely drawings, I noticed unmistakable Giovanni Forlino and other familiar styles. Definitely one of my favourite, most exciting venues…

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