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Garrett Centre, London, 17 July 2019

30 Jul 2019

For the second time in just twelve days, I was life modelling at the Garrett Centre for Adrian Dutton London Life Drawing. Whereas my last visit was all about the long pose, this one had poses ranging between two and thirty minutes each. Mostly these were different artists too; many regulars learn which pace brings greatest satisfaction and then stick with that preference. Joy unto those who embrace every format.

I started with a 10-minute pose that allowed time for latecomers (of which there were several) to arrive and settle before we dashed through three 2-minute poses followed by two 5-minute poses. A pair of 15-minute poses took us up to our break. As always here, artists and model were very well fed at no extra cost: hot pizza, grapes, breads, dips, teas, biscuits, wine and more. I may have been more rounded at the restart.

The second half was comprised of two 30-minute poses. First, I sat hunched forward upon a stool, holding my back like an elderly man – well, I’m not getting any younger. The final pose had me sprawled on the floor, twisting my hips, my knees flat and one forearm raised. The other arm was cunningly folded beneath me to support my spine. I’m becoming more careful about mitigating potential pain. I’m not ready to retire yet.

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