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The Star by Hackney Downs, 17 September 2019

22 Sep 2019

5-minutes standing with one ear cupped, 4-minutes on one knee with an elbow raised and its hand upon my head, 3-minutes on both knees with one arm held straight at an angle extended high, 2-minutes, three of 1-minute, three of 30-seconds…

This was the fourth time I had modelled at The Star by Hackney Downs for Drawing the Star in 2019, so I was making a point to try new pose variations that I hadn’t used here before. Next, 10-minutes seated with a straight leg and both hands to one side.

I closed the first half standing upright for 10-minutes with one hand reaching over and onto the rear of my head whilst the other pushed as a fist into the arch of my back. An interval followed; our good crowd of artists filtered downstairs for drinks while I rested.

To begin the second half I lay upon the floor with one arm stretched directly upright for 15-minutes, then concluded the session standing with one knee resting on a stool and a hand behind my neck – both new poses, doubtless destined to be used elsewhere.

A fine session and, as ever, enjoyable as much for its social aspect as the creativity. I stayed for a drink and lively banter with organiser Catherine, artist Franco, latecomer Drew, plus many others. I never tire of returning; never take for granted being invited.

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