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Lochaber Hall, London, 12 October 2019

14 Oct 2019

After a quiet week with zero life modelling, this Saturday morning return to Lochabar Hall was just what I needed. The pose times here are ideal for me; lots of quick work to get us started, then a mid-length piece and finally one long pose to the end. In fact my spirits were sufficiently upbeat that not even portentous utterances like “I’m afraid the council hasn’t switched on the radiators yet” could render them low.

Daybreak had been a drizzly and none-too-warm affair, but I was furnished with a pair of small heaters and the promise of a third if needed. I opened with six poses each of 5-minutes – standing, squatting, standing, sitting, standing, and standing – in a range of orientations, with nine artists at easels or holding sketchbooks, set as a semi-circle around me. The poses alone would have kept me tolerably warm, I think. Maybe.

For the mid-length pose I lay down with my body twisted and one arm pointed directly upwards for 20-minutes. This was the third successive booking in which I’ve used this pose. Each time doubts have been expressed at the outset, followed by admiration at the end. For me, however, it’s relatively effortless and sustainable. If I didn’t suspect it might be bad for my circulation, I would be happy to hold it for much longer.

With one pose and two hours remaining, I got into a comfortable position seated upon cushions and sheets on the floor. The third heater was brought into play and acquitted itself well for about quarter of an hour before fizzling out. Tea and chocolate biscuits at the break provided a more reliable tonic. I felt neither pain nor numbness, so I finished the session with high spirits intact. A fitting way to begin a fine weekend.

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