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cave, London, 12 November 2019

8 Dec 2019

I arrived at the entrance gate to cave just in time to catch group organiser, Karen tell one of her artists: “we’re due to start in five minutes but I’m a bit worried because our model, Steve, isn’t here yet.” In best seasonal panto style, I boomed: “Oh yes he is!

Vagaries of the Jubilee and Victoria line had slowed my progress – in an unexpected encounter, I’d almost knocked over Hesketh Hubbard Art Society president, Simon as I dashed between platforms – but we started on time with five 1-minute poses.

Two 5-minute poses and two 10-minute poses took us to a break. Karen served wine and various confections to her bumper turn-out of artists, and we had time for a good catch-up natter. There was lots of positivity in the house.

We resumed with a 25-minute pose that may have drifted closer to half-an-hour, but I was comfortable and all was well. A 20-minute pose concluded the session. So much colour, vigour and quality in the resultant artworks! A lovely evening all-round.

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