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Mall Galleries, London, 10 January 2020

12 Jan 2020

My first booking with Hesketh Hubbard Art Society at Mall Galleries in 2020 was a portrait sitting. This was the society’s first session of the year and, quite appropriately, had a high turn-out of members. Not too many intent on drawing me it seemed at first, but come 6pm a sudden flurry of chairs were dragged across to my corner.

Two hours. One complete hour without movement, then a fifteen minute break for tea and digestives before a final fully static hour. The first half was hardest as a tiredness took hold about midway through. The more my mind focused on avoiding drowsiness, the more that very thought became a catalyst for downward flickering eyelids.

Conversations during the interval reinvigorated my brain. At some point in the second half, I became mindfully conscious of every sound in what ought to have been a quiet room. Each scratch and scrape, cough and clatter held my sharp attention till 8:15pm when, bright as a button, I was free at last to appreciate this multitude of myself in art.

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  1. boykog permalink

    Wonderful works Steve! Mind you, talking about portrait sitting, normally at longer legs than life drawing and the possibility of the model falling into a semi-consciousness mode, hence face expression quite often in grasp of gravity, remodelling its birthgiven features into a grotesque combination of unwanted and unintended grmaces. On many occassions artists and models have discussed this, and I thought it might be a good thing to give a voice to the model, i.e. keeping his/her mind awake…ha ha, just a suggestion…

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