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Bread and Butler, Deptford, 18 February 2020

25 Feb 2020

Posing nude for artists, one becomes accustomed to the sight of each person having their preferred painting and drawing materials set out beside them. How quirky it was at this session, therefore, to see everybody sat with a sticky bun! Such is life drawing when it takes place at a real bakery – Bread and Butler in Deptford.

This was only the second evening of Deptford Life Drawing at the Bakery. Horrible weather meant attendance was down from the grand opening, but every rain-soaked artist walked in with a smile. Organiser Tatiana Moressoni got us started with poses of 2 minutes, 2, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10 and 15-minutes up to an interval.

After refreshments – hot drinks or wine – and more buns, Tatiana offered the group a choice of either 15-minute and 30-minute poses or a 20 and 25, taking us to our 9pm finish. A lone call for 15 and 30 met with general murmurs of consent. I began seated upon a high stool, and ended laying down on the floor.

Notwithstanding a temperamental heater cable plus the torrential rain resuming when it was time to go home, this was a pleasant booking. There’s an abundance of space, sturdy tables for the artists, food, drink, music and smooth timing. I imagine it will feel particularly idyllic on warm summer evenings, but still I enjoyed my winter experience.

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