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47/49 Tanner Street, London, 23 June 2021

3 Jul 2021

Post-lockdown #3 of our undulating coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Tanner Street life drawing has made a very welcome return. Nothing in life these days seems quite how it was, however; here the group is at the same address, but no longer in the large brick ‘Ugly Duck‘ building. Instead, it now meets in a connected studio to the rear.

Upon arrival I was greeted by group organiser, Cliff, whose lockdown long-hair growth looked, pleasingly, to be the fruit of a laissez-faire evolution much like my own. In time we were joined by a dozen artists and got underway at 7pm with quick poses: three of 2-minutes and three of 5-minutes each

Working in the round, I rotated through a series of poses, adjusting and responding to the relative position of artists, translating my ideas of a silent, invisible communication with them. In these moments, I really felt the full joy of being back doing in-person life modelling. To a degree, short poses are an improvised performance.

Over-confidence is the muscle killer. For the next 10-minute pose I sat upon the floor and rested my left elbow on my left knee. Alas, enjoyment impaired my attentiveness and I allowed the left arm to tilt inwards a little too far, making this the evening’s most arduous pose. A simple 15-minute standing pose took us to our break.

When we resumed at 8pm, it was with a single pose that would occupy all of the final hour. I opted to sit upon a low stool but contrived a few bonus angles to make it more interesting from every vantage point. During my two stretch breaks, I remained sitting to avoid the need for lots of place marking. I was aching by the end, but it was good.

The new Tanner Street life drawing space is perfect. The previous space was so vast that, whilst artists might have appreciated room to move and spread out, I sometimes felt remote and detached in its cathedral-like atmosphere. The smaller space is clean, clear and feels more intimate without being crowded. I hope it remains a success.

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  1. boykog permalink

    Great return to Life Life! Love your hairdo, likely to have taken care of itself? I just did a come back since early March 2020 on the portrait stand in The Mall Galleries and share your feeling. Good kuck!

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